These days, tools exist so that anybody can build a website, but that doesn't mean anyone will want to visit it. This teaching kit will get you hands on with the building blocks of the web: HTML, CSS & JavaScript. By becoming web literate, you will be empowered to build web pages that reflect your own unique and creative style.

Learning objectives

  • Insert hyperlinks into a web page
  • Embed multimedia content into a web page
  • Identify & use HTML tags to add content to a web page
  • Identify & use CSS tags to change the style and layout of a web page
  • Identify & use openly-licensed work
  • Iterate on a design after feedback from target audience
  • Identify different parts of a web page using industry-recognized terms
  • Identify & use JavaScript to add interactivity to a web page

What you'll make together

You'll remix existing Thimble pages while you learn some HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Assessment and review

The Web Literacy Map identifies competencies and skills that the Mozilla community believes are important to pay attention to when getting better at reading, writing and participating on the web. This kit is primarily focused on the Building strand.

Assessment criteria

  • Add and/or update content (text, hyperlinks and multimedia content) using HTML tags
  • Change layout, colors and fonts using CSS tags
  • Update JavaScript code
  • Use openly-licensed work
  • Test web page functionality
  • Get user input and iterate on design based on feedback