There are many different genres of audience. For example, there are adventurous students who love to explore stuff and there are also people who do everything probably because they were forced to. supernatural. Similarly, our orientation session, though mainly aimed at CSE/ISE major, witnessed a complete opposite audience. One needs know how to handle a crowd as the chances of not having an administrative watch over such events is pretty high ! Know your audience, don't just speak up the stuff you prepared just for the sake of it. By the end of each session about the various areas of contribution and open source tools, you'll see people getting bored. Obviously, they do not want just another lecture, the only difference being the venue. Start off with an awesome kick-the-butt ice breaker session which gets everyone energised.

Get inspired by the many Resources already made by FSAs and Mozillians from around the globe, these presentations serve a lot of help while preparing yours. Mozilla story is a video created by some awesome people of Mozilla which does perfect justice to its title. You ask, they answer! Don't just keep talking the whole time, include some quiz questions that keep the audience pepped while not diverting from the actual purpose of the session !

Glimpses from our own session !
Never forget how madly people love swags, more so if they are official Mozilla goodies, promise them swags if they do something awesome during the session, like answer the quiz or tweet maximum with a certain hashtag related to the event ! You get your coverage and publicity, they get their swags. -- The official FSA blog has everything you need to include in you session. Utilize it to the maximum extent. Also, spread out the discussions or talks among the many members of the club so that everyone gets a chance, feels more connected to the club while keeping the audience guessing to see what's in store !

Session Goals

The following should be the goals of a great orientation :

  • Get as many students to sign up for the FSA program as you can.
  • Get them to explore different contribution areas.
  • Make sure they have a clear idea of Open Source concepts.
  • Be able to clear any kinds of doubts they have about the program.
  • Clear the ambiguity that it's not ONLY for tech ninjas.

Target audience: This session should be mainly aimed at the fresh starting batch of the academic year !

Approximate length: Each topic can take about 5-8 minutes with a total duration of 1 to 2 hours. Not more !

Our awesome team of doers !


You will need a projector to show them the videos and presentations and the basic audio systems as usual. Prepare the complete schedule on an etherpad and make sure all the members of the team are well informed of their part !


Potential discussion questions:

  • How can newspapers and current events inspire you to try coding?
  • How do web skills like HTML and CSS connect to reading, writing and current events?
  • How can non-tech people get involved with Mozilla ?
  • Will this have any weightage in their CV? (most of time, this is their most important concern) !