Create a Webmaker Project

Learners will create original web content by making projects with Webmaker. Designed for Webmaker App Workshops.

Made by Laura, remixed for Maker Party by Bobby, remixed again for Webmaker App Workshops in Indonesia by Rara.


The workshop objective is to get more people to understand and using Webmaker for their web making purposes. The project intended to educating internet users on using Webmaker App through a series of workshops scheduled during August-September 2015 in Indonesia.

Learning Objectives

  • Design original, relevant content.
  • Share the results with others.

What You'll Make Together?

Starting with a series of activities focused on the discussion and introduction of the Webmaker App, participants will learn about how to utilize the Webmaker App and implement in their daily life.

They then will be directly involved with creating their own thematic projects using Webmaker App for Android.


  • Do the activity on your own to become familiar with it.
  • Install Webmaker on an Android phone running 4.0.4 (or greater).

If you're interested in contributing to Webmaker product and research efforts, complete the Webmaker feedback questionnaire for yourself and pass it on to your learners once they've completed the activity.

Tree of Hope

Participants asked to write their hopes for the event and hang it on a "tree of hope".


In a circle, have everyone introduce themselves.

To get everyone in the right frame of mind, ask each participant a question about themself or their experience, or in accordance with the theme of the day.. Reference back to responses here to assist when thinking about designing and creating later.

  • "The last thing I made was _________."
  • "The internet is not the same as the web because ___________.
  • "My favorite way to create and share on the web is ____________."
  • "I like ______________ ice cream."

Explore Webmaker

Introduce Webmaker to the participants by showing them the app

  • Discuss what Webmaker is for: discovering, creating, and sharing.
  • Explore the Discover gallery (see image to the right) together to see what other people have made.

Brainstorming: What is your project?

Before making projects with Webmaker on a phone, take some time to sketch out ideas on paper.

  1. Break into Groups. No one has to work alone! Try to keep your groups to 5 people or less, so that each participant has a chance to share their thoughts. Give each group paper, markers and pens. Make sure each group has at least one android phone with internet connection as well.

  2. Explain that each participant will write 3 to 5 ideas related to that prompt. You may wish to give them specific guidelines that relate to other learning objectives you have. For example, if you would like your learners to brainstorm around multiple topics, have them write out each topic and look for connections.
    • Remember, the elements you can use to create Webmaker projects are Text, Images, and Links — the fundamental building-blocks of the web.
    • Position post-it notes how you want — think position, rotation, and scale — just as you would with elements on pages in the app.
  3. Have participants generate statements, drawings, and words that expand upon each idea. They can expand on their own ideas or one of their peers.

  4. Finally, have participants present their mindmaps to the group. Have participants talk about the process and discuss new ideas that arose from the activity.

Create a Project

Using sketches from the previous step as a guide, have participants create Webmaker projects.

During this phase, try to monitor progress and chat with participants to understand what they make, why they're making it, and the difficulties and successes they encounter.

  • Allow participants to work individually or together. You might also allow learners to choose a different content ideas they would like to work with.
  • Float around to help learners that get stuck. Let them to play with Webmaker App and get used to the interface.
  • Have participants share their projects to Twitter, using #Webmaker hashtag (or the event hashtag), so you can track their projects.

Share and Discuss

Give each participant some time to share their project with the group. Talk about what went well, what was problematic, and what each participant learned.

If participants haven't finished their project, discuss what they can do to complete it later.

For participants that are finished, discuss what they can do next:

  • Make another more ambitious project, building on their experience.
  • Host their own workshop using this activity.
  • Contribute to Webmaker through code, design, research, product development, and more.
Be sure to share any particularly creative or inspiring projects with @webmaker or


Let each participant complete the Webmaker feedback questionnaire.

If anybody has more direct feedback to give the Webmaker team, feel free to contact us: