Welcome to #WalkMyWorld

flickr photo shared by wiobyrne under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

Explore meaning making as we make meaning upon our worlds.

Share your world through awesome digital storytelling tools.

Through multiple modalities we will search for who we are past, present, and future

Learn photo, video, audio, and blogging skills as we explore the different affordances and constraints of modes while telling the story of you.

WalkMyWorld is an annual social media gathering

Each year participants complete up to ten (most customize the experience) learning events. We share what we make across a variety of private and public social media channels.

We explore media practices
but recognize

and passion
as central to meaning making.

is coming
Feb 1

Join hundreds of others
as they share their story
of #walkmyworld

#WalkMyWorld is an open learning experience
but we respect privacy
Share as much
or as little as you want.
We are the greatest text
yet to be written.