Test @ the Fest

Help Mozilla develop, share, and champion Open resources on the Web at MozFest

Are you at MozFest?

Gather Mozillians on the 6th floor and test one of the learning activities below. Share feedback live or on Discourse and GitHub.

Are you remote?

Gather friends around the kitchen table and try one of the learning activities below. Ship us your feedback on Discourse and GitHub.

Web Literacy Curriculum Activities for Testing


Make your own Web stickers using online pixel art tools, share them in a Thimble gallery, and use the Web X-ray Goggles to splash your stickers on the Web.

Fair Use Free-for-All

Learn about copyright, fair use, open licensing, and reverse image search through friendly competition.

The Planets and Accessibility

Make this "weird Web" project into a more accessible page about the planets, .gif art, or both.

The Web Is a Tool for Learning

Use Web-native instructions to tackle a maker project and share it with the world using Thimble's new selfie feature.

Welcome to My Mixtape

Build a playlist of Web-native music including your own beats made with onlien production tools.

Why Do We Use the Web?

A community research project that lets learners remix and chain questions and sresults in a study.