handmade & webfresh

These are my custom emoji, emoticon, and kawaii stickers for the Web. You can use them, too, or make your own by remixing this page (just hit remix) and following the tutorial you find in its code.

A web sticker, like an emoji or an emoticon, is a little image that captures an emotion, idea, or reaction.

You can use the Web X-Ray Goggles to remix webpages with the stickers and add your own commentary and reviews to the Web. Stay upbeat and help people enjoy the webpages you love!

If you would like to use a sticker, right-click or control-click it, copy the image addess, location, or URL, and paste it into the images you remix with the Goggles.

Here are links to some pages I remixed with my stickers!

CC-BY Mozilla Learning Networks