Teaching How to Read, Write, and Participate on the Web


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On-site reflection provides immediate opportunities to synthesize, share, and maximize participant experiences, and make adjustments when needed. Learners will have the opportunity to reflect on their participation in activities and how to apply new ideas and skills back home, learning participating and sharing.

15-30 minutes

  • Reflection Prompts

    Morning Reflection

    After the workshop's morning activities, the facilitator will pose the following questions and give participants about one minute to reflect and voluntary share out loud their reflections.

    • I used to think and now I think?
    • What is one new thing did you learn?
    • What was an “aha” moment?

    Afternoon Reflection

    The facilitator will pose the following questions, and provide 15 minutes for silent reflection in Discourse, Digitalis, post-it notes, or in thought. Facilitator will discuss how to contribute to discourse and Digitalis.

    Last 15 minutes will be spent providing verbal reflections and feedback on day in general.

    • I used to think and now I think?
    • When I go back home, what will be the challenges for teaching others these skills, and what are possible solutions?
    • Plus/Delta: What did you like about the day in general? What would you change?