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Meet facilitators and participants, and understand basic logistics, ground rules, and expectations for the day.

15 minutes

  • Preparation

    Set up space to facilitate learner-centered interactions, check internet connection and other technology needs, print needed materials, prepare sign-in sheet, and provide nourishment as needed.

  • 15


    Take about 15 minutes for the welcome and introductions.

    Welcome and logistics:

    • Welcome participants and introduce facilitators and other key individuals and their roles.
    • Share logistical information including thanking host if applicable, restroom location, breaks and lunch details, and internet connection information.
    • Share agenda printed on paper and online, and provide participants with expectations and goals.


    • Ask participants to briefly introduce themselves, and depending on the number of participants they can also indicate high, medium, and low technology skills, or name one skill they hope to learn.

    Ground Rules:

    • Set ground rule such as ask clarifying questions at any time, respect each other questions and comments and the time schedule, learn from each other, and take breaks as needed.
    • If taking photos/video, explain where they may be posted/shared, and to let a facilitator know if they prefer not to be photographed.
    • Ask for any clarifying questions, and begin!