Lord ReyRey

Raiders ID: AM0311


Raider AM0311 is a survivor of the Zobie DNA. Although he was bitten during the initial outbreak, AM0311 under went severe nuclear radiation to help stop his outbreak. In a 1 to 1,000,000 chance; AM0311 reacted to the radition and is now a hybrid super human mutant that is immune to the Zombie DNA.

The only former name we have on record for AM0311 is "Alpha ReyRey", an obvious pseudonym. He supposedly was former military and was a university student at SCSU during the outbreak. After being bit, The Rebellion took him in and preformed their controversial radiation treatment on him in order to save his life and use him as an asset for their revolution against the human government.

AM0311 became the leader of the human group known as "Raiders"; the militant wing of The Rebellion. AM0311 had challenged the former leader for control of this savage group. With his sheer mutant strength, he was able to overpower the former leader. It is rumored that the former leader's head remains mounted in his chambers as a message to others who challenge his power...

AM0311 is a very strong opponent of the human government and a charasmatic leader to the rebellion. He remains on the human government's eliminate on site list. AM0311 is a great threat to both the human government and its supporters!